14 strength machines set

Matrix - Ultra

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Abdominal crunch
Weight: 290 Kg Size: 139x121x147 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Hip abductor
Weight: 277 Kg Size: 182x173x135 cm Stack: 90 Kg
Hip adductor
Weight: 272 Kg Size: 182x173x135 cm Stack: 90 Kg
Converging chest press
Weight: 348 Kg Size: 169x141x135 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Weight: 242 Kg Size: 206x97x137 cm Stack: 63 Kg
Seated leg curl
Weight: 320 Kg Size: 149x117x135 cm Stack: 90 Kg
Pectoral fly
Weight: 242 Kg Size: 120x168x140 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Diverging lat pulldown
Weight: 382 Kg Size: 152x161x195 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Leg press
Weight: 436 Kg Size: 190x113x135 cm Stack: 180 Kg
Converging shoulder press
Weight: 359 Kg Size: 168x147x174 cm Stack: 90 Kg
Leg extension
Weight: 304 Kg Size: 153x123x135 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Diverging seated row
Weight: 343 Kg Size: 158x139x141 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Back extension
Weight: 319 Kg Size: 145x120x135 cm Stack: 108 Kg
Rotary torso
Weight: 232 Kg Size: 117x123x141 cm Stack: 90 Kg
4351 kg
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Complete set to create a strength space including:

- 1 Abdominal crunch Ultra

- 1 Hip abductor Ultra

- 1 Hip adductor Ultra

- 1 Converging chest press Ultra

- 1 Glute Ultra

- 1 Seated leg curl Ultra

- 1 Pectoral fly Ultra

- 1 Diverging lat pulldown Ultra

- 1 Leg press Ultra

- 1 Converging shoulder press Ultra

- 1 Leg extension Ultra

- 1 Diverging seated row Ultra

- 1 Back extension Ultra

- 1 Rotary torso Ultra

Our expert review on the strength set Ultra from the brand Matrix

A gym must necessarily have a multitude of devices to work the entire body as expected by its members, whether beginners or confirmed. It is therefore essential to carefully choose the devices that make up the room and preferably in the same brand and range to offer a certain unity both in terms of design and ease of use and settings. This set of machines not only makes it possible to respect these points, but also to save money.

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