The cable station: the essential of a sports center

The equipment of a sports center must be well thought out upstream, especially when space is limited. In this context, the cable station is an essential device which has the advantage of allowing a practice adapted both to people resuming physical activity as well as accomplished athletes with a specific training program. In addition, it is a machine allowing several people to practice simultaneously which is not without interest when the surface of the gym is limited.

However, gym equipment is often expensive, so it is important for owners of this type of infrastructure to find solutions to reduce the costs associated with this position. Fortunately, there are alternatives today to acquire quality machines at lower cost, such as reconditioned second-hand cable stations.

Ercolina M459

Technogym - Isotonic

Ercolina M459 Technogym

Listed price 2 256 € in.VAT

1 182 € in.VAT985 € ex.VAT

Free standing adjustable pulley SM10

Life Fitness - Pro 1

Free standing adjustable pulley SM10 Life Fitness

Listed price 3 264 € in.VAT

1 242 € in.VAT1 035 € ex.VAT

Dual adjustable pulley SM11

Life Fitness - Pro 1

Dual adjustable pulley SM11 Life Fitness

Listed price 3 564 € in.VAT

1 482 € in.VAT1 235 € ex.VAT

Adjustable pulley

GymWorks - Keywest

Adjustable pulley GymWorks

 Brand-new device

1 794 € in.VAT1 495 € ex.VAT

Cable column 12220

Cybex - VR3

Cable column 12220 Cybex

Listed price 5 906,40 € in.VAT

1 830 € in.VAT1 525 € ex.VAT

Multi gym G5

Life Fitness - Home

Multi gym G5 Life Fitness

Listed price 3 804 € in.VAT

1 902 € in.VAT1 585 € ex.VAT

Cable crossover SM20

Life Fitness - Pro 1

Cable crossover SM20 Life Fitness

Listed price 5 508 € in.VAT

2 094 € in.VAT1 745 € ex.VAT

Dual adjustable pulley G7 + bench

Life Fitness - Home

Dual adjustable pulley G7 + bench Life Fitness

Listed price 3 018 € in.VAT

2 118 € in.VAT1 765 € ex.VAT

Adjustable cable crossover 5650

Cybex - Modular

Adjustable cable crossover 5650 Cybex

Listed price 4 324,80 € in.VAT

2 130 € in.VAT1 775 € ex.VAT

Cable crossover M418

Technogym - Isotonic

Cable crossover M418 Technogym

Listed price 2 496 € in.VAT

2 142 € in.VAT1 785 € ex.VAT

Ercolina rehab M959

Technogym - Selection

Ercolina rehab M959 Technogym

Listed price 3 624 € in.VAT

2 310 € in.VAT1 925 € ex.VAT

4 stack station M124

Technogym - Isotonic

4 stack station M124 Technogym

Listed price 4 740 € in.VAT

2 358 € in.VAT1 965 € ex.VAT

Cable station: a compact and practical device

The cable station is particularly appreciated by professionals in the sector wishing to equip their gym as well as by their customers. Indeed, it is a very compact machine, therefore occupying a minimum of space, but saving space is an element always appreciated by the owners of gym since it allows to install more machines and therefore to welcome more members in parallel. In addition, the weights are integrated into the machine which saves in addition to storage space and allows the gym to be always tidy and perfectly organized. As for users, they can enjoy all the advantages of a cable chin/dip station with damped guided load which adapts to their needs and capacities in complete safety.

Diversified exercises

If the cable station is such a success with gym customers, but also with individuals wishing to equip themselves at home, it is not only because of the safety it offers, but also because of its versatility. Indeed, with a cable station with the pulley in the high position, it is possible to perform triceps extension exercises aimed at toning this muscle group, but also the famous Face Pull which will for its part solicit the shoulders and the back of the shoulders while using the abs and glutes which must be properly engaged during the exercise. By doing abdominal crunches, the entire abdominal belt will be used to strengthen this particular part of the body whose training is frequently sought. The practice of lateral raises from the pulley also makes it possible to tone the bottom of the pectoral muscles which is often difficult to work in isolation. In the low pulley station position, other exercises are also available such as bench presses, elevations or Kickbacks depending on the muscle groups that one wishes to target.

A cable station at the best price

New fitness equipment is often offered at very high prices, it is nevertheless possible today to acquire quality equipment at competitive prices. Indeed, in order to reduce costs, an alternative stands out as one of the most interesting: reconditioned cable stations. These are used devices that have been completely overhauled and refurbished by teams of professionals, but offered at prices much lower than those of these same brand-new products. In addition, many models of various brands are available in this sales configuration.