Stretching stations of the biggest brands

Stretching is necessary for any training to avoid injury, what could be better than having a dedicated device to offer your users.

Stretch trainer 240i

Precor - Commercial Series

Stretch trainer 240i Precor

Listed price 1 114,80 € in.VAT

834 € in.VAT695 € ex.VAT

Anterior ME05

Technogym - Flexability

Anterior ME05 Technogym

Listed price 3 850,80 € in.VAT

1 002 € in.VAT835 € ex.VAT

Posterior ME10

Technogym - Flexability

Posterior ME10 Technogym

Listed price 5 550 € in.VAT

1 158 € in.VAT965 € ex.VAT

Stretching station

GymWorks - Keywest

Stretching station GymWorks

 Brand-new device

1 434 € in.VAT1 195 € ex.VAT

The advantages of the stretching station

Ease of use. Most stretching stations allow intuitive settings, which make them very accessible, even for beginners.

Guidance. The movement is guided, which makes it possible to avoid wrong movements as much as possible, and therefore the risk of injury.

Comfort. Stretching can be strenuous. Having devices specifically designed for this practice therefore increases the comfort of your members.