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Widely recognized in the world of fitness, Technogym offers many cardio machines, but also high-performance strength with a design that can suit both individuals and professionals in the sector. The brand has developed several ranges of devices to meet the specific needs and expectations of everyone. Among these, we can mention the range of Pure Strength strength which has many advantages with its many specialized machines to work each muscle group. This specialization of devices is one of the special features of the range. Another advantage that explains the undeniable success of this Technogym range is undoubtedly linked to the prices offered for these devices. Indeed, the selling prices are rather reasonable, all the more when the machines are acquired not brand-new, but reconditioned. This modality makes it possible to benefit from this equipment at particularly attractive prices for devices of such quality.

Flat bench PG14

Technogym - Pure Strength

Flat bench PG14 Technogym

Listed price 948 € in.VAT

582 € in.VAT485 € ex.VAT

Dumbbell rack 10 pairs A0000521

Technogym - Pure Strength

Dumbbell rack 10 pairs A0000521 Technogym

Listed price 1 632 € in.VAT

786 € in.VAT655 € ex.VAT

Lower back bench PG05

Technogym - Pure Strength

Lower back bench PG05 Technogym

Listed price 1 850,40 € in.VAT

822 € in.VAT685 € ex.VAT

Adjustable decline/ab crunch bench PG03

Technogym - Pure Strength

Adjustable decline/ab crunch bench PG03 Technogym

Listed price 2 350,80 € in.VAT

846 € in.VAT705 € ex.VAT

Scott bench PG06

Technogym - Pure Strength

Scott bench PG06 Technogym

Listed price 1 908 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Adjustable bench PG04

Technogym - Pure Strength

Adjustable bench PG04 Technogym

Listed price 1 908 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Olympic incline bench PG01

Technogym - Pure Strength

Olympic incline bench PG01 Technogym

Listed price 2 850 € in.VAT

966 € in.VAT805 € ex.VAT

Olympic decline bench PG23

Technogym - Pure Strength

Olympic decline bench PG23 Technogym

Listed price 2 950,80 € in.VAT

1 002 € in.VAT835 € ex.VAT

Olympic flat bench PG07

Technogym - Pure Strength

Olympic flat bench PG07 Technogym

Listed price 2 112 € in.VAT

1 014 € in.VAT845 € ex.VAT

Olympic military bench PG08

Technogym - Pure Strength

Olympic military bench PG08 Technogym

Listed price 3 250,80 € in.VAT

1 074 € in.VAT895 € ex.VAT

Calf MG4500

Technogym - Pure Strength

Calf MG4500 Technogym

Listed price 3 984 € in.VAT

1 962 € in.VAT1 635 € ex.VAT

Chest press MG0500

Technogym - Pure Strength

Chest press MG0500 Technogym

Listed price 4 356 € in.VAT

2 046 € in.VAT1 705 € ex.VAT

Upper body devices

The Technogym brand has developed a whole series of devices specially designed to work the upper body and the different muscle groups that make it. Thus, the Pure Strength range offers a designer and ergonomic shoulder press to exercise the muscles of this joint safely. For precise work on certain arm muscles, Technogym has also designed other devices that will easily find their place in a gym. Thus, to develop biceps, we find in the Pure Strength range the biceps machine, efficient and space-saving, it is perfect for energizing these muscles in an extremely targeted manner.

If there is another muscle group whose training is often sought after, it is undoubtedly the one including the pectorals. Essential to obtain a muscular and balanced torso. These are muscles that are often difficult to train effectively, which two machines from the Pure Strength range offer: the chest press and the inclined chest press. Favoring performance while taking great care of user comfort, Technogym offers with this range a set of very complete devices and very studied ergonomics to offer the best to individuals and professionals.

Train your lower body

As much Technogym offers a wide variety of devices to work the back, the arms, the chest as the Pure Strength range also offers a large amount of machines to exercise the legs and glutes effectively. Thus, the range contains two leg presses, a classic model, but also a linear leg press model to meet user preferences in terms of leg training.

Still with a view to working the legs, certain muscles can also benefit from specific weight training devices such as the hamstrings. To this end, Technogym has developed the standing leg curl device to effectively train these very specific muscles. In the same vein, we can also find the calf machine and the one aimed at the toning of the quadriceps. So many devices offering exercises that target on specific areas of the body and muscle groups.