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Whether it is for good health or weight loss to get back in shape, cardio workouts are certainly the most indicated. This also explains the growing success of sports halls and machines offering specific work on endurance.

In this context, sports halls have every interest in equipping themselves with resistant and efficient machines to meet this increasingly important expectation of their members. To this end, and to be sure to choose quality equipment for yourself or for your gym, you can acquire without fear devices from the Silver cardio range from Life Fitness at an attractive price. Indeed, this type of machine is generally expensive when new, the reconditioned option is therefore particularly attractive, because it offers the possibility of acquiring high-quality equipment refurbished by professionals and benefiting from guaranteed at lower prices than new.

Stepper 95Si

Life Fitness - Silver

Stepper 95Si Life Fitness

Listed price 5 628 € in.VAT

1 362 € in.VAT1 135 € ex.VAT

Upright bike 95Ci

Life Fitness - Silver

Upright bike 95Ci Life Fitness

Listed price 4 788 € in.VAT

1 758 € in.VAT1 465 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike 95Ri

Life Fitness - Silver

Recumbent bike 95Ri Life Fitness

Listed price 5 148 € in.VAT

1 770 € in.VAT1 475 € ex.VAT

Upright bike 95Ce

Life Fitness - Silver

Upright bike 95Ce Life Fitness

Listed price 3 399,60 € in.VAT

1 806 € in.VAT1 505 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike 95Re

Life Fitness - Silver

Recumbent bike 95Re Life Fitness

Listed price 4 386 € in.VAT

1 842 € in.VAT1 535 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer 90X

Life Fitness - Silver

Crosstrainer 90X Life Fitness

Listed price 6 063,60 € in.VAT

2 370 € in.VAT1 975 € ex.VAT

Summit trainer 95Li

Life Fitness - Silver

Summit trainer  95Li Life Fitness

Listed price 5 490 € in.VAT

2 382 € in.VAT1 985 € ex.VAT

Treadmill 93T

Life Fitness - Silver

Treadmill 93T Life Fitness

Listed price 6 516 € in.VAT

2 430 € in.VAT2 025 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer 95Xi

Life Fitness - Silver

Crosstrainer 95Xi Life Fitness

Listed price 8 736 € in.VAT

2 574 € in.VAT2 145 € ex.VAT

Treadmill 95Ti

Life Fitness - Silver

Treadmill 95Ti Life Fitness

Listed price 11 748 € in.VAT

2 670 € in.VAT2 225 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer 95Xe

Life Fitness - Silver

Crosstrainer 95Xe Life Fitness

Listed price 7 684,80 € in.VAT

3 006 € in.VAT2 505 € ex.VAT

Treadmill 95Te

Life Fitness - Silver

Treadmill 95Te Life Fitness

Listed price 9 865,20 € in.VAT

3 018 € in.VAT2 515 € ex.VAT

The Life Fitness Silver cardio Line

If the Life Fitness brand is obviously responsible for the high quality of the devices and their real robustness, the cardio Silver range has been very successful with professionals.

Besides, the 95Ti treadmill in the range is one of the most popular and best-selling. Indeed, its many assets make it a very interesting treadmill for both professionals and individuals. Among these we can mention its speed which can go up to 23 km/h, but also its 28 programs which allow to easily adapt its training to its capacities, its progression and its objectives, but also its patented suspension system FlexDeck absorbs the knocks that can undergo the joints during a run and a self-lubricating running belt offering very pleasant sensations to the runner.

The elliptical trainer 95Xi is also a must in the range and is very complete thanks to its 26 programs and 25 resistance levels, moreover it is an extremely resistant device acclaimed by the professionals for whom it is a must. Particularly well designed, this crosstrainer has benefited from all the expertise of Life Fitness at the biomechanical level to ensure true comfort for the user.

Obviously many other equipment is part of the range, like the recumbent bike 95Ri, and is also interesting for working out your cardio at home or indoors.