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The safety and health of the teacher and the member are paramount, so Yafi has created another way of delivering the fitness sessions. By giving them the possibility to vary the movements and exercises thanks to the numerous options. Avoid using the same parts of the musculoskeletal segment. The teacher becomes closer, he corrects and motivates because he no longer has to deal with musical times, nor to do all the series of exercises.

Self supporting boxing bag Yafi Bag

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Self supporting boxing bag Yafi Bag Yafi

 Brand-new device

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Yafi Bag is an innovation

It is a multifunctional fitness tool, the fruit of years of research.

It is easily movable with one hand, it is rolled and raised.

It doesn’t need wall mounting, adding water or sand to be practiced.

It is compact, aesthetic (leather imitation), the cover is interchangeable and customizable.

It oscillates so as to absorb the impacts and also to allow the student to follow the Yafi Bag. It is overturned.

The Yafi Bag was made with a monobloc foam of a specific density that we have developed. Depending on the impact zones, it will have a different absorption and thickness. Once again, our goal was to find the best compromise between resistance and cushioning.

The Yafi Bag is closer to the size, weight, average of a fighter for more immersion.