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Technogym is one of the major European leaders in sports equipment and more specifically fitness equipment. The high quality of the machines is undoubtedly the main asset of the brand even if we can also recognize Technogym's ability to innovate and offer cutting-edge devices taking into account the natural movements of the body in their design. In addition, the extremely precise test phases to which the devices created by Technogym are subjected guarantee their great durability by exposing them to robots reproducing the effects of wear much more quickly. Using all these elements, Technogym was able to conceive the XT Pro range with an elegant and modern design, very resistant, ideal for fitness centers, but which could equally be suitable for individuals looking for high-performance devices. This high quality range remains at reasonable prices given the performance and resistance of the devices, but it is possible to obtain it at a lower cost by opting for reconditioned used devices to regain all the luxury and characteristics of brand-new equipment. This solution is particularly interesting for professionals who need to be equipped with several machines, which constitutes a significant investment which can be reduced.

Upright bike Bike 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Upright bike Bike 600 Technogym

Listed price 3 576 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike Recline 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Recumbent bike Recline 600 Technogym

Listed price 4 260 € in.VAT

942 € in.VAT785 € ex.VAT

Stepper Step 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Stepper Step 600 Technogym

Listed price 4 380 € in.VAT

966 € in.VAT805 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Rotex 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Crosstrainer Rotex 600 Technogym

Listed price 7 740 € in.VAT

990 € in.VAT825 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Glidex 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Crosstrainer Glidex 600 Technogym

Listed price 8 388 € in.VAT

1 254 € in.VAT1 045 € ex.VAT

Arm bike Top 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Arm bike Top 600 Technogym

Listed price 4 428 € in.VAT

1 338 € in.VAT1 115 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Run 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Treadmill Run 600 Technogym

Listed price 9 576 € in.VAT

1 998 € in.VAT1 665 € ex.VAT

XT Pro Technogym: a full range of equipment

With a sober and modern aesthetic, the XT Pro range has many assets to attract professionals and individuals who can find all the devices they need. Thus, the XT Pro range offers essential equipment for cardio training such as crosstrainers, particularly recognized for allowing a global workout involving all the body, both the lower body with a stress on the calves, thighs and glutes, but also the upper body, by engaging the arms and back muscles in the efforts produced.

People wishing to run as part of their cardio training or in preparation for a marathon or trail will also find their happiness with the treadmill offered in the range offering 6 training programs, but also several speeds and varying degrees of incline. For specific arm training, Technogym also offers a quality arm bike. Finally, there are the classics of cardio training equipment like the upright bike, the recumbent bike or the stepper.