Zoom on spinning bikes

Spinning has become in recent years a very popular activity in gyms because of its dynamism, but also and above all its efficiency. In fact, an hour of spinning can burn up to 900 calories, which means that people looking to lose weight quickly noticed the interest in this new practice. However, this activity requires suitable equipment consisting of spinning bikes also called spin-bikes or body-bikes, whether you own a fitness center or are an individual wishing to practice spinning at home. Zoom on this new discipline which meets a growing success and, on the material, essential to its practice.

Spinning bike 7180

Star Trac - NXT

Spinning bike  7180 Star Trac

Listed price 1 946,40 € in.VAT

594 € in.VAT495 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike RevMaster Pro

LeMond - Evolution

Spinning bike RevMaster Pro LeMond

Listed price 1 678,80 € in.VAT

654 € in.VAT545 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike Classic

Body Bike - Spinning

Spinning bike Classic Body Bike

Listed price 1 738,80 € in.VAT

750 € in.VAT625 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike IC3

Matrix - Group Training

Spinning bike IC3 Matrix

Listed price 1 554 € in.VAT

858 € in.VAT715 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike Supreme

Body Bike - Spinning

Spinning bike Supreme Body Bike

Listed price 2 038,80 € in.VAT

882 € in.VAT735 € ex.VAT

Spinning Bike S-Series

TomaHawk - Spinning

Spinning Bike S-Series TomaHawk

Listed price 1 508,40 € in.VAT

906 € in.VAT755 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike IC5

Matrix - Group Training

Spinning bike IC5 Matrix

Listed price 1 704 € in.VAT

942 € in.VAT785 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike IC3

TomaHawk - Spinning

Spinning bike IC3 TomaHawk

Listed price 1 554 € in.VAT

942 € in.VAT785 € ex.VAT

Group Cycle D91

Technogym - Group Cycle

Group Cycle D91 Technogym

Listed price 1 456,56 € in.VAT

966 € in.VAT805 € ex.VAT

Lifecycle GE

Life Fitness - GX

Lifecycle GE Life Fitness

Listed price 2 139,78 € in.VAT

1 062 € in.VAT885 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike Connect

Body Bike - Spinning

Spinning bike Connect Body Bike

Listed price 2 479,20 € in.VAT

1 074 € in.VAT895 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike IC7

TomaHawk - Spinning

Spinning bike IC7 TomaHawk

Listed price 2 190 € in.VAT

1 314 € in.VAT1 095 € ex.VAT

What is spinning?

Spinning is a sports activity practiced alone or in a group in a gym or at home. It is based on a very dynamic rhythm ensured by adapted music generally allowing to maintain a certain cadence and to increase this when pedaling on an adapted bicycle much resembling a road bicycle to ensure a position making it possible to solicit a maximum body muscles for increased efficiency. It is therefore a high intensity activity very effective in burning a maximum of calories fairly quickly, it is precisely for this reason that more and more people wishing to lose weight are turning to this practice, but it can also be easily integrated into a cardio training program. Given the pace required to practice this activity, many people also use it to relieve stress, the activity being an excellent and very healthy way to let off steam, most practitioners come out from spinning sessions much more relaxed.

The specifics of spinning bikes

The spinning bike is a very special model. It is indeed a high-end and ergonomic exercise bike with many advantages, including the ability to reproduce the sensations of a road bike. It is compact, thus being able to adapt easily to use at home and has a multitude of functionalities to meet everyone's expectations. Indeed, it is generally equipped with a fine and adjustable saddle allowing to settle in a dancer way to pedal, but also automatic pedals, a comfortable handlebar to position your hands at best during the session as well as a braking device. Finally, the electronic assistance available on many models is a non-negligible additional advantage that can effectively replace a personal coach in an efficient and effective manner. It offers a count of calories burned, heart rate, a calculation of the distance traveled and can even offer pre-programmed workouts according to the models offered.

How to acquire a spin-bike at the best price?

If this equipment is essential for practicing spinning, it can nevertheless constitute a significant investment despite relatively reasonable prices. The question can then arise: how to acquire the best spinning bike at the best price? One of the most interesting options for this is undoubtedly to turn to a reconditioned second-hand spinning bike, this alternative makes it possible to buy a professional spinning bike completely refurbished by a qualified team at a price defying all competition.