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Praised by many fitness clubs, the Cybex brand offers a wide variety of cardio and weight training equipment to meet all the expectations and requirements of professionals and individuals. The machines from the different ranges of the Cybex brand are designed and manufactured in the United States in factories benefiting from ISO 9001 certification, a guarantee of quality. In addition, the Cybex brand is committed to creating equipment at the cutting edge of technology and benefiting from the latest innovations in the field to be always more comfortable, ergonomic, allowing to reproduce as closely as possible the natural movements of the body. Many professionals in the world of sport and high-performance athletes therefore choose to use Cybex brand devices to achieve their goals more quickly and safely.

22 Strength Machines Set

Cybex - VR3

22 Strength Machines Set Cybex

Listed price 108 567,60 € in.VAT

29 874 € in.VAT24 895 € ex.VAT

Total Body Trainer 750 AT

Cybex - 750 Line

Total Body Trainer 750 AT Cybex

Listed price 13 694,40 € in.VAT

4 794 € in.VAT3 995 € ex.VAT

Leg press 11040

Cybex - Eagle

Leg press 11040 Cybex

Listed price 10 520,40 € in.VAT

4 434 € in.VAT3 695 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer 50A1QR

Cybex - SPARC

Crosstrainer 50A1QR Cybex

Listed price 6 758,40 € in.VAT

4 194 € in.VAT3 495 € ex.VAT

Leg press 12040

Cybex - VR3

Leg press 12040 Cybex

Listed price 6 520,80 € in.VAT

3 114 € in.VAT2 595 € ex.VAT

Treadmill 750 T

Cybex - 750 Line

Treadmill 750 T Cybex

Listed price 5 374,80 € in.VAT

2 994 € in.VAT2 495 € ex.VAT

Fly/rear delt 11111

Cybex - Eagle

Fly/rear delt 11111 Cybex

Listed price 8 084,40 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Overhead press 11010

Cybex - Eagle

Overhead press 11010 Cybex

Listed price 6 847,20 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Adjustable cable crossover 5650

Cybex - Modular

Adjustable cable crossover 5650 Cybex

Listed price 4 324,80 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Leg extension 11050

Cybex - Eagle

Leg extension 11050 Cybex

Listed price 6 453,60 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Abdominal crunch 11090

Cybex - Eagle

Abdominal crunch 11090 Cybex

Listed price 5 605,20 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Glute 11170

Cybex - Eagle

Glute 11170 Cybex

Listed price 6 349,20 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

As for fitness centers, they generally choose the Cybex brand for the high quality of the equipment it offers, but also for the personalization possibilities available, ideal for creating a unique gym with specific colors depending on the atmosphere and of the color code that have been chosen. The different ranges of the Cybex brand are offered at very different prices depending on the standing of the range, however equipping a fitness center is expensive, in particular because of the multiplicity of equipment required. In order to limit the amount of this very important investment without compromising on the quality of the purchased equipment, it is possible to opt for refurbished devices. This alternative makes it possible to acquire second-hand refurbished and high-quality equipment, but at prices much lower than those of brand-new machines. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to acquire excellent Cybex brand equipment at the best price.

Cybex: state-of-the-art cardio equipment

Cardio training has been very successful in recent years among confirmed athletes as among beginners. This training method has many health and well-being benefits. By helping to fight against the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes, the rise in blood pressure or bad cholesterol that are the cause of many cardiovascular pathologies, cardio training involves the heart muscle to strengthen it and activate blood circulation. It is also particularly effective as part of a fitness or weight loss program.

With this in mind, the use of the upright bikes from the Cybex brand is a major advantage thanks to the great comfort offered by these equipment.

For total body training, Cybex has also designed an innovative device belonging to its Arc Trainer range: the Total Body Trainer. This very versatile equipment will concentrate in one machine the benefits of an elliptical trainer, a stepper and a cross-country skier according to the degree of incline chosen. By setting the legs in motion and pressing the glutes, it also makes it possible to mobilize the muscles of the upper body according to the positions chosen. A particularly comprehensive training therefore which makes this ergonomic and comfortable device a must-have for professionals in the sector, but also for individuals wishing to have a versatile machine.

Cybex strength equipment

If cardio training is a perfect practice to mobilize the body as a whole, it is sometimes necessary to strengthen certain muscle groups in particular to improve its performance. In this context, the practice of bodybuilding is essential and can be achieved using the VR3 range of the Cybex brand. Within the latter, the Cybex brand offers various devices, including the special Adductor and Abductor machines. These two machines were created to allow users to work specifically on these very particular muscle groups in the greatest comfort thanks to the ergonomic cushions, but also effectively thanks to the targeted work they offer while respecting the natural movements of the body.