Used refurbished professional Precor

Our Precor devices offer a guarantee of quality and reliability : completely refurbished, these strength goods represent the largest models available on the market, such as the AMT, the treadmill, the Stretch Trainer or the Ab-X. In addition to the increase in physical strength, the strengthening of tendons and ligaments and an improvement in bone strength are significant effects of bodybuilding. Endurance is improved and adipose tissue decreases with cardio. The density of the bones is reinforced and the weight of the ages does not make them lose this acquired density. Strength training combined with cardio training help to improve the general state of health and strengthens the immune system.

matériel de musculation

Professional Precor goods : the biggest models

Occasion-Fitness supplies all the models that make reference in terms of quality, reliability and performance including the upright bike and the recumbent bike. If you wish to consult the detailed product sheets of all professional Precor goods, visit the Occasion-Fitness website.

The offer of Occasion-Fitness

  • Refurbished professional Precor goods.

  • Guaranteed professional Precor goods.

  • Visible professional Precor goods, on appointment, in our warehouse in the Paris region.

Occasion-Fitness offers a wide range of professional Precor goods at half the price.