Buying used equipment is often risky. What to do when the device breaks down? Who to turn to? You often find yourself alone in a situation where you can lose your investment because you don't have spare parts or a competent technician.

With Occasion-Fitness, your purchase of refurbished equipment benefits from a 12-month warranty including parts and labour (metropolitan France only) for refurbished goods, and a 24-month warranty for brand new goods. Occasion-Fitness uses, at a national level, technicians trained to intervene on the biggest brands. In the event of an abnormality, you have free access to a technician who can quickly make a diagnosis by phone and intervene effectively with the right spare part.

If your appliances have been delivered and/or are used outside of metropolitan France, they are ultimately covered by a warranty of the same duration as in metropolitan France, covering defective parts.

In the case of intensive use, it is recommended that the sollicitated equipment are regularly cleaned, lubricated and reviewed. Occasion-Fitness offers you, as an option, an adapted maintenance contract to improve the performance of your devices and thus guarantee their smooth running in the long term.

Occasion-Fitness allows you to buy cheaper equipment without compromise with the warranty.