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Artis, invites you to enter a universe of unique experiences that revolutionize your training. The latest technological standards are integrated and now offer an unparalleled training experience. The equipment benefits from a sleek design. The training experiences are more stimulating thanks to the connectivity functions. The sensations delivered are one of a kind.

Chest press MK70 Unity Mini

Technogym - Artis

Chest press MK70 Unity Mini Technogym

Listed price 9 096 € in.VAT

4 194 € in.VAT3 495 € ex.VAT

Upright bike Bike Unity

Technogym - Artis

Upright bike Bike Unity Technogym

Listed price 10 500 € in.VAT

4 914 € in.VAT4 095 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike Recline Unity

Technogym - Artis

Recumbent bike Recline Unity Technogym

Listed price 11 148 € in.VAT

5 154 € in.VAT4 295 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Synchro Unity

Technogym - Artis

Crosstrainer Synchro Unity Technogym

Listed price 15 540 € in.VAT

6 594 € in.VAT5 495 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Vario Unity

Technogym - Artis

Crosstrainer Vario Unity Technogym

Listed price 16 788 € in.VAT

7 194 € in.VAT5 995 € ex.VAT

Treamill Run Unity

Technogym - Artis

Treamill Run Unity Technogym

Listed price 22 620 € in.VAT

10 794 € in.VAT8 995 € ex.VAT

Artis is connectivity

Live a training experience that gives birth to endless possibilities. More than a set of equipment, Artis offers a connected training experience. You can also charge your smartphone battery while you are charging your own. Artis equipment is the first to include a wireless charger for your devices. The line offers slender and minimalist shapes with a pleasant touch.

Its simple and reassuring curves favor the execution of natural movements. Discover a welcoming family of perfectly complementary equipment. The equipment adapts to your stride. The tilt of the console guarantees perfect visibility. Every detail has been studied so that you can maintain perfect posture and the best performance.