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Octane is a brand founded in 2001 by two fitness veterans who have a passion for crosstrainers. Since its creation, this brand has already had several innovations to its credit. Octane is known for inventing new categories that push the traditional limits of cardio training.

Recumbent Crosstrainer XR6000

Octane Fitness - Crosstrainers

Recumbent Crosstrainer XR6000 Octane Fitness

Listed price 7 076,40 € in.VAT

3 090 € in.VAT2 575 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer PRO3700

Octane Fitness - Crosstrainers

Crosstrainer PRO3700 Octane Fitness

Listed price 6 990 € in.VAT

3 534 € in.VAT2 945 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer PRO4700

Octane Fitness - Crosstrainers

Crosstrainer PRO4700 Octane Fitness

Listed price 9 474 € in.VAT

4 458 € in.VAT3 715 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer LX8000

Octane Fitness - Crosstrainers

Crosstrainer LX8000 Octane Fitness

Listed price 9 464,40 € in.VAT

4 698 € in.VAT3 915 € ex.VAT

Octane is the reinvented crosstrainer

Octane has, despite its few years of existence, already marked the history of fitness on several occasions thanks to its innovative crosstrainers. Anxious to design new ways of running without impact, the brand's devices allow you to renew all your workouts thanks to the latest advances in the market.

Octane's incredible achievements have earned 125 Best Buy awards, created new ways to exercise, and continue to power hundreds of thousands of exercises worldwide with an evolving zero-impact training landscape