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If there is one brand whose reputation is well established in the fitness world, it is undoubtedly Technogym. Relying on a real research laboratory to create equipment always at the cutting edge of technology and respecting the natural dynamics of the body, Technogym manufactures devices that are both solid and with a perfect design for sports halls and for individuals. Among the various ranges offered by Technogym, there is one particularly interesting in the context of cardio training: the Excite range. The latter combining reliability and comfort is a great success with professionals, but new fitness equipment represents a significant investment. To reduce the bill, it is nevertheless possible to acquire refurbished second-hand devices to regain their quality in new condition while being offered at much more attractive prices. No longer hesitate to invest in refurbished devices from Technogym's Excite range.

500 10 pieces set

Technogym - Excite

500 10 pieces set Technogym

Listed price 65 305,68 € in.VAT

24 114 € in.VAT20 095 € ex.VAT

500 3 pieces set

Technogym - Excite

500 3 pieces set Technogym

Listed price 21 194,16 € in.VAT

7 914 € in.VAT6 595 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Run 900iE

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Run 900iE Technogym

Listed price 14 568 € in.VAT

4 794 € in.VAT3 995 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Run 700iE

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Run 700iE Technogym

Listed price 14 340 € in.VAT

4 674 € in.VAT3 895 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Run 700i

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Run 700i Technogym

Listed price 13 332 € in.VAT

4 554 € in.VAT3 795 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Jog 700i

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Jog 700i Technogym

Listed price 6 244,56 € in.VAT

4 194 € in.VAT3 495 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Run 500

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Run 500 Technogym

Listed price 10 938 € in.VAT

4 074 € in.VAT3 395 € ex.VAT

Arms bike Top 700i

Technogym - Excite

Arms bike Top 700i Technogym

Listed price 4 228,56 € in.VAT

3 594 € in.VAT2 995 € ex.VAT

Treadmill Jog 500

Technogym - Excite

Treadmill Jog 500 Technogym

Listed price 5 472 € in.VAT

3 594 € in.VAT2 995 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Synchro 700iE

Technogym - Excite

Crosstrainer Synchro 700iE Technogym

Listed price 7 252,56 € in.VAT

3 234 € in.VAT2 695 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Synchro 700i

Technogym - Excite

Crosstrainer Synchro 700i Technogym

Listed price 6 446,16 € in.VAT

3 114 € in.VAT2 595 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer Synchro 500

Technogym - Excite

Crosstrainer Synchro 500 Technogym

Listed price 5 942,16 € in.VAT

2 874 € in.VAT2 395 € ex.VAT

A wide range of equipment

The cardio-training equipment available in Technogym's Excite range is extremely varied and seduces as much by its robustness as by its sober design. They are also very comfortable and designed to offer unparalleled ease of use for beginners as well as experienced athletes. The very complete range thus offers several upright bikes, perfect for working the legs and glutes, but also recumbent bikes, designed for classic use, but also for adapted practices as may be necessary in the context of a rehabilitation, resumption of sporting activity or for people with disabilities or low back pain.

Indeed, these bikes offer a comfortable seat to keep your back straight during physical activity and thus avoid straining it. Runners, on the other hand, will particularly appreciate the different models of treadmills (the Run 700i or the Run 500) offered in the Excite range. Equipped with screens to control the physical effort provided and equipped with specific systems to absorb frequent impacts on the ankle and knee joints, these treadmills allow a fluid and airy run. Other devices are also available, such as the classic crosstrainers, which are known to offer overall body work and are essential for cardio training. To complete the range, Technogym also offers steppers and arm bikes, very popular for a complete practice involving the whole body.