Used refurbished professional Matrix equipment

The practice of bodybuilding is a necessity in today's world because we are more and more sedentary with a richer and richer diet while our body is designed for movement (muscles represent 50% of the body weight). Practicing bodybuilding prevents joints from rusting, muscle mass from atrophy, bone decalcification, overweight and, more generally, muscle fatigue that can give way to nervous fatigue.

Our Matrix machines offer you a guarantee of quality and reliability: completely refurbished, these used strength and fitness equipment represent the largest models available on the market of Matrix devices, such as stepmillstreadmillsrowers or steppers.

équipements de musculation

Professional Matrix equipment : the biggest models

Occasion-Fitness supplies all the models that make reference in terms of quality, reliability and performance, including the leg press and the Aura line. The refurbishing allows to have a machine renewed but especially to have very attractive prices. If you wish to consult the detailed product sheets of all professional Matrix equipment, visit the Occasion-Fitness website.

The offer of Occasion-Fitness

  • Refurbished professional Matrix equipment.

  • Guaranteed professional Matrix equipment.

  • Visible professional Matrix equipment, on appointment, in our warehouse located in the Paris region.

Occasion-Fitness offers a wide range of professional Matrix fitness equipment at half the price.