The used refurbished professional powermills

Our stepmills offer you a guarantee of quality and reliability: completely refurbished, these used professional stair climbers represent the biggest brands available on the market, such as Life Fitness, StairMaster, Matrix or Technogym. Powermills make it possible to work the entire body in a very efficient way. Their regular use makes it possible to tone in the most harmonious way the muscles of the glutes, thighs and calves, while improving your cardiovascular capacities.

But far from being limited only to these parts of the body, step simulators also affect many other areas of our body such as our shoulders, our chest, our abdominals, our arms, our back etc. Basically, virtually no muscle in the body escapes the effects of climbers. Whether for use in fitness gym, strength gym or community, the purchase of a professional stepmill at Occasion-Fitness represents the choice of quality at the best price.


Professional stepmills : the biggest brands

Occasion-Fitness only supplies the brands that make reference in terms of quality, reliability and performance including the number 1 American (Life Fitness) and the number 1 European (Technogym). If you wish to consult the detailed product sheets of all professional stepmills, visit the Occasion-Fitness website.

The offer of Occasion-Fitness

  • Refurbished professional stepmills.

  • Guaranteed professional stepmills.

  • Visible professional stepmills, on appointment, in our warehouse in the Paris region.

Occasion-Fitness offers a wide range of professional stepmills at half the price.