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With the Vitality series, managers have a complete weight training circuit that provides the natural feeling and ease of use sought by users, while meeting the requirements of many establishments in terms of space and budget.

V-Crunch CWAB103

Precor - Vitality

V-Crunch CWAB103 Precor

Listed price 1 198,80 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Ab-X 100

Precor - Vitality

Ab-X 100 Precor

Listed price 1 441,20 € in.VAT

954 € in.VAT795 € ex.VAT

Inner/outer thigh C008ES

Precor - Vitality

Inner/outer thigh C008ES Precor

Listed price 3 388,80 € in.VAT

2 238 € in.VAT1 865 € ex.VAT

Vitality is natural sensations

The Vitality range is intended for various establishments, ranging from hotels to collective housing, including associations. The natural sensations provided and the ease of use that characterizes it attract a large number of different users.