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Beauty is strength, intuition is intelligence. Star Trac sought out the best in industrial design, biomechanics and user functionality of self-loading machines and wanted to capture the most important elements in an iconic and innovative line of luxury strength. The Inspiration strength line embodies their design platform with a distinctive and differentiated aesthetic, an open and inviting form factor, easy-to-see intuitive adjustments and a biomechanics that offers motivation to the user and training rewards.

Adjustable decline bench IP-B7508

Star Trac - Inspiration

Adjustable decline bench IP-B7508 Star Trac

Listed price 1 272 € in.VAT

786 € in.VAT655 € ex.VAT

Abduction adduction IP-S1319

Star Trac - Inspiration

Abduction adduction IP-S1319 Star Trac

Listed price 3 261,60 € in.VAT

2 238 € in.VAT1 865 € ex.VAT

5-Station IP-M9605

Star Trac - Inspiration

5-Station IP-M9605 Star Trac

Listed price 11 878,80 € in.VAT

5 934 € in.VAT4 945 € ex.VAT

Inspiration is elite training

With one-sided independent functions, power-assisted seat adjustments, lenticular image posters and their patented Lock N Load weight selection system, Inspiration strength embodies what an elite user-focused strength line should be.