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When the spinning program started, Star Trac quickly recognized that they wanted to be at the forefront of this future fitness revolution. But at the same time, they also knew that equipment that surpassed all levels was going to be required to meet the demands of the sport. So they rose to the challenge. Their spinner bikes set the standard for indoor cycling equipment and almost one in two bikes sold worldwide is a Star Trac spinning bike.

Spinning bike 7180

Star Trac - NXT

Spinning bike  7180 Star Trac

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NXT is designed for the cyclist

Each model combines user-centric features, top-notch biomechanics and a high degree of fit to offer the best bike in its class to cyclists of all shapes, sizes and capacities. In order to maintain uncompromising quality, race after race, the spinning bikes also have a patent pending pedals system that exceeds industry standards, anti-rust materials and foolproof construction. Equip yourself with the NXT range and you will have all the tools necessary to get your installation up to speed.