Stepmills of the biggest brands

The stairclimber (sometimes called escalator, powermill or stepmill) is a recent fitness device that offers movement similar to climbing a staircase. Stair climbers have steps that scroll up and down like an escalator you would find in a shopping mall or a train station. These devices are the ones that, in cardio, require the most effort, and are therefore reserved for an already trained audience. During the training, the device mainly uses the legs and is most conducive to improving cardiovascular capacity.

Jacob's ladder 1

Jacobs Ladder - Climbers

Jacob's ladder 1 Jacobs Ladder

Listed price 5 071,20 € in.VAT

3 198 € in.VAT2 665 € ex.VAT

StepMill 7000PT

StairMaster - 7000 Series

StepMill 7000PT StairMaster

Listed price 9 144 € in.VAT

3 942 € in.VAT3 285 € ex.VAT

StepMill SM916

StairMaster - 916 Series

StepMill SM916 StairMaster

Listed price 6 123,60 € in.VAT

4 170 € in.VAT3 475 € ex.VAT

StairMill SM

Star Trac - E Series

StairMill SM Star Trac

Listed price 7 410 € in.VAT

4 194 € in.VAT3 495 € ex.VAT

ClimbMill C3x-01 CS21

Matrix - 3X

ClimbMill C3x-01 CS21 Matrix

Listed price 11 902,80 € in.VAT

5 010 € in.VAT4 175 € ex.VAT

ClimbMill C5x-01 FCS22

Matrix - 5X

ClimbMill C5x-01 FCS22 Matrix

Listed price 8 373,60 € in.VAT

5 298 € in.VAT4 415 € ex.VAT

ClimbMill C5x-04 FCS23

Matrix - 5X

ClimbMill C5x-04 FCS23 Matrix

Listed price 9 926,40 € in.VAT

5 622 € in.VAT4 685 € ex.VAT

Stepmill 8G

StairMaster - Gauntlet

Stepmill 8G StairMaster

Listed price 9 708 € in.VAT

5 898 € in.VAT4 915 € ex.VAT

ClimbMill C7xe-02 FCS22

Matrix - 7X

ClimbMill C7xe-02 FCS22 Matrix

Listed price 13 588,80 € in.VAT

6 018 € in.VAT5 015 € ex.VAT

Powermill climber 95P

Life Fitness - Integrity

Powermill climber 95P Life Fitness

Listed price 9 667,20 € in.VAT

6 474 € in.VAT5 395 € ex.VAT

ClimbMill C7xi-01 FCS23

Matrix - 7X

ClimbMill C7xi-01 FCS23 Matrix

Listed price 16 791,60 € in.VAT

6 534 € in.VAT5 445 € ex.VAT

Stepmill Climb 1000

Technogym - Excite+

Stepmill Climb 1000 Technogym

Listed price 9 228 € in.VAT

8 034 € in.VAT6 695 € ex.VAT

The devices are designed in such a way that the running speed of the steps can be changed to make training easier or more intense.

The advantages of the staircase simulator

  • This device provides a very intense cardiovascular workout and helps build muscle strength when the higher speed settings are used.
  • Most stair simulators allow the user to adjust the scrolling speeds.
  • This type of device allows the user to perform movements similar to those used when climbing stairs, which exercises several muscle groups and adds variety to the training.
  • The breathing ability is greatly tested with this device, which is beneficial in all aspects of our lives.

The disadvantages of the staircase simulator

  • It may be difficult, if not impossible, for people with disabilities to use this device due to the intense training involved.
  • As the movements are flexible and offer a low impact, this exercise requires no force and therefore does not strengthen the bones and muscles (a key element for the prevention of osteoporosis).
  • The effort is mainly concentrated on the glutes and thighs. Practitioners will therefore take care to add exercises that apply to the upper body in order to benefit from a balanced training.
  • Annual maintenance may add additional costs.

What to check before buying a stair simulator

Ideally, it is best to test the model in a gymnasium or sporting goods store to determine if it offers the features you expect and, more prosaically, the space it occupies (the staircase simulators are very large) .

In addition, the following characteristics are also to be considered:

  • The width of the steps as well as their length.
  • Movement of the steps. The movement should be gentle and uniform. If not, the exercise will cause stress at the joints.
  • The maximum user weight that the machine can support. Some models do not tolerate more than 100 kilos while high-end devices can go up to 200 kilos.
  • Noise pollution in operation. Stair simulators, whatever their range (low, medium, high) are very noisy during its use and interfere with other activities in the same room.
  • Availability of spare parts. Spare parts must be readily available in order to reduce the downtime of the machine.