Refurbished and brand-new fitness machine

Equipping a gym with efficient and reliable equipment represents a significant investment. Opting for refurbished equipment from the biggest brands on the market enables significant savings while offering its customers high-quality devices. This is what Occasion-Fitness allows you to do with a wide choice of machines fully reconditioned by our experts: recumbent bikes, crosstrainers, rowers, steppers, treadmills, etc. Our offer is also aimed at individuals looking for a cheaper fitness device to stay in shape at home.

Spinning bike 7180

Star Trac - NXT

Spinning bike  7180 Star Trac

Listed price 1 946,40 € in.VAT

594 € in.VAT495 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike RevMaster Pro

LeMond - Evolution

Spinning bike RevMaster Pro LeMond

Listed price 1 678,80 € in.VAT

714 € in.VAT595 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike Classic

Body Bike - Spinning

Spinning bike Classic Body Bike

Listed price 1 738,80 € in.VAT

750 € in.VAT625 € ex.VAT

Wall mounted rower Ski-Erg

Concept 2 - Rowing

Wall mounted rower Ski-Erg Concept 2

Listed price 960 € in.VAT

762 € in.VAT635 € ex.VAT

Rower W8000

Matrix - Johnson

Rower W8000 Matrix

Listed price 1 526,40 € in.VAT

810 € in.VAT675 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike IC3

Matrix - Group Training

Spinning bike IC3 Matrix

Listed price 1 554 € in.VAT

858 € in.VAT715 € ex.VAT

Upright bike C1 GO

Life Fitness - Home

Upright bike C1 GO Life Fitness

 Brand-new device

870 € in.VAT725 € ex.VAT

Spinning bike Supreme

Body Bike - Spinning

Spinning bike Supreme Body Bike

Listed price 2 038,80 € in.VAT

882 € in.VAT735 € ex.VAT

Rower D

Concept 2 - Rowing

Rower D Concept 2

Listed price 1 110 € in.VAT

882 € in.VAT735 € ex.VAT

Spinning Bike S-Series

TomaHawk - Spinning

Spinning Bike S-Series TomaHawk

Listed price 1 508,40 € in.VAT

906 € in.VAT755 € ex.VAT

Rower W1x-G4 AR09

Matrix - 1X

Rower W1x-G4 AR09 Matrix

Listed price 1 315,20 € in.VAT

906 € in.VAT755 € ex.VAT

Upright bike Bike 600

Technogym - XT Pro

Upright bike Bike 600 Technogym

Listed price 3 576 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Refurbished treadmills, crosstrainers, steppers etc

In our catalog of cardio equipment, you will find different types of brand-new or refurbished fitness equipment. If you want to equip a gym with high quality equipment at an unbeatable price, this is the ideal solution. All our cardio machines have been refurbished by experts. This means that each machine has been subjected to a verification procedure covering 20 control points, has been dismantled in order to change the defective parts, has been reassembled and retested. No planned obsolescence disrupts the functioning of cardio machines. So, you can use them without any worries. They will allow you to work on your cardio in the best conditions.

The best brands at the best price

Occasion-Fitness only offers cardio machines from leading brands on the American and European market such as Life Fitness, Precor, Matrix or Technogym. A refurbished fitness machine from one of these prestigious brands ensures optimal quality of work and training. All this at a very attractive price thanks to our reconditioning work. You can thus offer your customers high-performance machines without the initial investment being too large. It is also an excellent compromise for individuals who want to equip themselves inexpensively while maintaining a quality of work thanks to a high-performance cardio machine. Having a crosstrainer, a treadmill or any other fitness device at home becomes accessible with Occasion-Fitness.

Equipment guaranteed for 12 months

In order to make your purchase of a used fitness machine as secure as possible, we guarantee each refurbished cardio machine for 12 months, including parts and labor in mainland France. A trained technician then intervenes free of charge on your equipment to detect and correct the malfunction. But the work of reconditioning carried out upstream avoids this kind of situation.