Smith machines: essential equipment for complete muscle building

Smith machines are an essential part of a weight training centers. Belonging to the large family of guided load machines, they have the same advantages, namely to offer users a suitable use according to their level and intensity of effort sought, great safety in the use of the device to avoid unnecessary risks and injuries and great autonomy. However, like all the equipment equipping fitness centers, the smith machines can represent a non-negligible sum at the time of purchase or the equipment being numerous within a sports hall the owners necessarily look for solutions to reduce this item of expenditure. while providing robust quality machines that will last over time. To this end, reconditioned second-hand smith machines can be a particularly attractive alternative, particularly from a financial point of view, compared to brand-new devices.

Multipower BU-53

Cooper - Blue Line

Multipower BU-53 Cooper

 Brand-new device

1 794 € in.VAT1 495 € ex.VAT

Smith machine 5341

Cybex - Classic

Smith machine 5341 Cybex

Listed price 4 324,80 € in.VAT

2 130 € in.VAT1 775 € ex.VAT

Smith machine PL06

Life Fitness - Pro 1

Smith machine PL06 Life Fitness

Listed price 5 832 € in.VAT

2 226 € in.VAT1 855 € ex.VAT

Smith machine

Athletic Performance - Black Line

Smith machine Athletic Performance

 Brand-new device

2 274 € in.VAT1 895 € ex.VAT

Multipower M053

Technogym - Isotonic

Multipower M053 Technogym

Listed price 2 784 € in.VAT

2 274 € in.VAT1 895 € ex.VAT

Smith machine AP6116

Athletic Performance - Red Line

Smith machine AP6116 Athletic Performance

 Brand-new device

2 274 € in.VAT1 895 € ex.VAT

Smith machine

GymWorks - Santa Monica

Smith machine GymWorks

 Brand-new device

2 394 € in.VAT1 995 € ex.VAT

Smith machine G3-PL62

Matrix - Aura

Smith machine G3-PL62 Matrix

Listed price 7 198,80 € in.VAT

2 406 € in.VAT2 005 € ex.VAT

Smith machine with counterweight

GymWorks - Keywest

Smith machine with counterweight GymWorks

 Brand-new device

2 514 € in.VAT2 095 € ex.VAT

Smith machine MG-PL62

Matrix - Magnum

Smith machine MG-PL62 Matrix

Listed price 4 068 € in.VAT

2 838 € in.VAT2 365 € ex.VAT

Multipower MB800

Technogym - Element+

Multipower MB800 Technogym

Listed price 4 872 € in.VAT

2 850 € in.VAT2 375 € ex.VAT

Multipower M953

Technogym - Selection

Multipower M953 Technogym

Listed price 5 976 € in.VAT

2 994 € in.VAT2 495 € ex.VAT

Smith machines: what for?

Smith machines are extremely popular in fitness centers because of the multitude of exercises they perform. It is indeed possible to work in various ways with this equipment and thus to train several muscle groups in numerous ways according to the desired goals while varying the intensity of the effort.

Smith machines can be used to do squats, lunges, bench presses and many other exercises. In addition, this type of equipment offers multiple advantages. Indeed, their settings allow them to be accessible both to people resuming activity and therefore to beginners, but also to experienced athletes performing precise and predefined training. Their use is very intuitive which greatly enhances their accessibility to all audiences.

Furthermore, the smith machines are very secure, so they slide along a structure provided for this purpose which considerably limits the risk of injury by making a wrong movement, but these devices are also equipped with hooks to avoid the risks of fall or the user being trapped under the bar. This very particular design also offers great autonomy to the user when using the smith machine, he does not need anyone to get on the machine and perform his exercises. Finally, the last element to which gym owners, but also individuals are sure to be sensitive, the smith machines are very compact equipment, requiring only a reduced space which is of course a considerable advantage when the space available is limited or when you want to optimize the space available in your gym as much as possible.

The advantage of opting for reconditioned second-hand smith machines

Smith machines are not the most expensive devices when you consider the various machines needed to have a full gym. However, one equipment after another, the bill can quickly increase and the investment becomes very large. To reduce the costs associated with this essential but particularly high expense, it is possible to turn to second-hand devices. Indeed, reconditioned second hand smith machines are very relevant options both for weight training centers and for individuals wishing to acquire quality and high-end branded equipment, but at a lower cost.

Completely overhauled and refurbished by teams of specialized professionals, reconditioned second-hand smith machines are offered at very affordable prices, thus offering unbeatable value for money.