Precor cardio and strength machines cheaper on Occasion-Fitness.Fr

A key player in the fitness world and acclaimed by many professionals in the sector to equip their gym, the reputation of Precor is well established in the industry. Offering quality and varied equipment, the Precor brand has conquered the fitness rooms of hotels, spas, universities, but also individuals for several years. However, the prices of the brand's cardio and weight training equipment can represent a significant sum, especially when it is necessary to acquire several, as is the case with professionals opening their gym. Therefore, a solution exists: the purchase of refurbished second-hand products. The proposed machines are then completely refurbished and verified by professionals to offer quality equipment to structures and individuals at a very attractive price. Review of the different ranges of the Precor brand.

Stretch trainer 240i

Precor - Commercial Series

Stretch trainer 240i Precor

Listed price 1 114,80 € in.VAT

834 € in.VAT695 € ex.VAT

V-Crunch CWAB103

Precor - Vitality

V-Crunch CWAB103 Precor

Listed price 1 198,80 € in.VAT

918 € in.VAT765 € ex.VAT

Ab-X 100

Precor - Vitality

Ab-X 100 Precor

Listed price 1 441,20 € in.VAT

954 € in.VAT795 € ex.VAT

Upright Bike UBK615

Precor - Assurance Series

Upright Bike UBK615 Precor

Listed price 3 546 € in.VAT

1 422 € in.VAT1 185 € ex.VAT

Upright bike UBK835 P30

Precor - 830 Line

Upright bike UBK835 P30 Precor

Listed price 4 051,20 € in.VAT

1 494 € in.VAT1 245 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike RBK835 P30

Precor - 830 Line

Recumbent bike RBK835 P30 Precor

Listed price 5 988 € in.VAT

1 506 € in.VAT1 255 € ex.VAT

Stepper C776i

Precor - Experience

Stepper C776i Precor

Listed price 5 148 € in.VAT

1 710 € in.VAT1 425 € ex.VAT

Seated calf raise 616

Precor - Icarian

Seated calf raise 616 Precor

Listed price 5 697,60 € in.VAT

1 890 € in.VAT1 575 € ex.VAT

Crosstrainer EFX815 P10

Precor - 810 Line

Crosstrainer EFX815 P10 Precor

Listed price 7 275,60 € in.VAT

1 902 € in.VAT1 585 € ex.VAT

Abdominal isolator 712

Precor - Icarian

Abdominal isolator 712 Precor

Listed price 5 697,60 € in.VAT

2 010 € in.VAT1 675 € ex.VAT

Leg extension 605

Precor - Icarian

Leg extension 605 Precor

Listed price 5 697,60 € in.VAT

2 010 € in.VAT1 675 € ex.VAT

Triceps extension 208

Precor - Icarian

Triceps extension 208 Precor

Listed price 5 697,60 € in.VAT

2 010 € in.VAT1 675 € ex.VAT

Equipment dedicated to Cardio

Cardio training is a practice that is growing more and more because of the many health benefits it offers. This workout involves activating a large group of muscles without interruption for an extended period of time to increase cardiac activity. Among the benefits of such a practice is the prevention of a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension. It can also participate in a real well-being by improving the energy level and by allowing to burn fat to keep or regain a healthy silhouette.

To carry out this type of training regularly and fully, certain equipment is essential such as the upright bikes existing in several ranges from Precor. These machines allow you to work the entire legs, but also the glutes, the continuous effort has the effect of increasing the heart rate with all the benefits that it can bring. Another option is to use an elliptical trainer to activate all the muscles in the body. The advantages of these devices are multiple since they offer a work of the body as a whole with a play of the legs, but also of the muscles of the upper body such as those of the arms and the dorsal. Offering a complete workout, this type of machine is the equipment par excellence of effective cardio training, but requires a certain physical condition beforehand.

Finally, runners, people preparing for marathons will find their account at Precor with the treadmills. All treadmills from Precor are equipped with IFT technology and the GFX impact control system to guarantee a pleasant and smooth running, reducing the impact of running on the most stressed joints such as the ankles and knees.

Strength training and stretching

Strength training has been given pride of place in recent years in sports training. Allowing muscle groups to work in a precise and efficient manner, they are strengthened in order to gain performance or to refine according to objectives. To this end, the devices of the Vitality range from Precor are particularly interesting, we can for example quote the V-Crunch which mobilizes the legs to work the trunk better without forcing on the muscles of the back and while ensuring a natural movement.

In the same spirit, the Ab-X makes it possible to work the abdominal belt in a comfortable way thanks to the profiled pads ensuring a good alignment of the body, this device offers the possibility of strengthening its abs while preserving the neck and the shoulders. Finally, all sports training must be supplemented by stretching exercises essential for the acquisition of a certain flexibility, but also for muscle recovery, in this context Precor has designed the Stretch trainer device which is probably the best representative. Ergonomic and comfortable, it promotes coordination and flexibility to gently improve general physical condition