Why invest in a rower for your cardio and strength training exercises?

The rower is a very efficient fitness device and particularly appreciated in the context of cardio training. It is thus present in the vast majority of gyms, but can also easily find its place at the home of athletes who want to have complete and quality equipment at home to train on a daily basis thanks to well-designed models such as foldable rowers, less bulky than conventional models. However, it is often a fairly expensive device which can cause hesitation facing  such an investment, it is however possible to acquire a domestic rower at a reasonable price by opting for a used rower.

Wall mounted rower Ski-Erg

Concept 2 - Rowing

Wall mounted rower Ski-Erg Concept 2

Listed price 960 € in.VAT

762 € in.VAT635 € ex.VAT

Rower W8000

Matrix - Johnson

Rower W8000 Matrix

Listed price 1 526,40 € in.VAT

810 € in.VAT675 € ex.VAT

Rower D

Concept 2 - Rowing

Rower D Concept 2

Listed price 1 110 € in.VAT

882 € in.VAT735 € ex.VAT

Rower W1x-G4 AR09

Matrix - 1X

Rower W1x-G4 AR09 Matrix

Listed price 1 315,20 € in.VAT

906 € in.VAT755 € ex.VAT

Water rower SI-09

Cooper - Silver Line

Water rower SI-09 Cooper

 Brand-new device

954 € in.VAT795 € ex.VAT

Rower with plaform Ski-Erg

Concept 2 - Rowing

Rower with plaform Ski-Erg Concept 2

Listed price 1 200 € in.VAT

954 € in.VAT795 € ex.VAT

Water rower SI-06

Cooper - Silver Line

Water rower SI-06 Cooper

 Brand-new device

990 € in.VAT825 € ex.VAT

Rower HX Trainer

Life Fitness - Home

Rower HX Trainer Life Fitness

 Brand-new device

1 032 € in.VAT860 € ex.VAT

Rower GX Trainer

Life Fitness - GX

Rower GX Trainer Life Fitness

Listed price 2 756,68 € in.VAT

1 098 € in.VAT915 € ex.VAT

Rower E

Concept 2 - Rowing

Rower E Concept 2

Listed price 1 620 € in.VAT

1 170 € in.VAT975 € ex.VAT

Rower HiRise

Water Rower - M1

Rower HiRise Water Rower

Listed price 2 038,80 € in.VAT

1 194 € in.VAT995 € ex.VAT

Rower with plaform Ski-Erg

Concept 2 - Rowing

Rower with plaform Ski-Erg Concept 2

 Brand-new device

1 200 € in.VAT1 000 € ex.VAT

What is a rower?

The rower is a piece of equipment that involves a large part of the body's muscles. Indeed, it will allow to work at the same time the back, the torso, the arms and the legs. It is made of several essential parts:

  • the chassis which largely defines the resistance of the device with the help of the beam,
  • the lifting beam which is the part welcoming the user's hands to simulate the movement of the oars,
  • a seat that can slide on a rail ensuring fluid movements,
  • a footrest to ensure the stability of the user when using the rower, a resistance system to imitate the contact of the oars and the resistance that they can meet in the water.
  • some models may have an electronic counter with display to indicate the effort exerted and the number of calories burned during the activity.

What are the advantages of a rower?

The rowing machine has been a popular piece of fitness equipment for many years, although it has had to compete with newer equipment such as the elliptical trainer. It is indeed used both as part of intensive sports training as well as for a fitness program, to take care of one's health or even to lose weight. The rower, thanks to its global action, will work on the chest, glutes, back, abdominals and all the muscles of the lower and upper body. The use of the rower will tone the whole musculature, but also refine it, indeed it is not a question of swelling its muscles, but of strengthening them. In addition, the rower will effectively burn calories which is why it is so popular in a weight loss process. Combining therefore an action on the whole body with a great efficiency while toning the muscles without inflating them artificially, the rower is an equipment adapted to all beginner athletes as experts all the more since it limits the risks of injuries.

The different models of rowers

There are a wide variety of rowers available on the market. Indeed, following the success of this equipment, many manufacturers offer it and have developed it a lot. It is thus possible to acquire a rower from the Life Fitness brand, but also Concept 2 or even Matrix. These various brands offer models for gyms, but also foldable models and domestic rowers. Finally, if these new models can be very expensive, it is however possible to acquire refurbished devices of excellent quality at a more attractive price.