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American brand recognized as one of the world leaders in the fitness equipment sector, Life Fitness offers several ranges of products to adapt to the expectations of both professionals and individuals. Professionals in the sector with a gym that they wish to equip with many high-performance machines therefore generally turn to this brand with an unfailing reputation for producing innovative and quality equipment. However, the need to buy several different machines often raises the bill, to be equipped without breaking the bank, the solution is undoubtedly to make the choice of refurbished devices quite similar to new devices, but offered at prices much more competitive!

Olympic weight tree SOWT

Life Fitness - Signature

Olympic weight tree SOWT Life Fitness

Listed price 531,01 € in.VAT

426 € in.VAT355 € ex.VAT

Flat bench SFB

Life Fitness - Signature

Flat bench SFB Life Fitness

Listed price 531,01 € in.VAT

426 € in.VAT355 € ex.VAT

Flat bench SFB

Life Fitness - Signature

Flat bench SFB Life Fitness

 Brand-new device

474 € in.VAT395 € ex.VAT

Utility bench SUB

Life Fitness - Signature

Utility bench SUB Life Fitness

Listed price 609,64 € in.VAT

486 € in.VAT405 € ex.VAT

Decline/abdominal bench SADB

Life Fitness - Signature

Decline/abdominal bench SADB Life Fitness

Listed price 1 063,24 € in.VAT

834 € in.VAT695 € ex.VAT

Upright bike C1 GO

Life Fitness - Home

Upright bike C1 GO Life Fitness

 Brand-new device

870 € in.VAT725 € ex.VAT

Multi adjustable bench SMAB

Life Fitness - Signature

Multi adjustable bench SMAB Life Fitness

Listed price 1 353,54 € in.VAT

942 € in.VAT785 € ex.VAT

Recumbent bike R9500HR

Life Fitness - Next Generation

Recumbent bike R9500HR Life Fitness

Listed price 5 400 € in.VAT

966 € in.VAT805 € ex.VAT

Lower back bench SBE

Life Fitness - Signature

Lower back bench SBE Life Fitness

Listed price 1 414,02 € in.VAT

990 € in.VAT825 € ex.VAT

Olympic incline bench SOIB

Life Fitness - Signature

Olympic incline bench SOIB Life Fitness

Listed price 1 287,01 € in.VAT

1 014 € in.VAT845 € ex.VAT

Rower HX Trainer

Life Fitness - Home

Rower HX Trainer Life Fitness

 Brand-new device

1 032 € in.VAT860 € ex.VAT

Lifecycle GE

Life Fitness - GX

Lifecycle GE Life Fitness

Listed price 2 139,78 € in.VAT

1 062 € in.VAT885 € ex.VAT

Life Fitness: a recognized brand

If the American brand is also renowned throughout the world, it is on the one hand because of the quality of the material that it offers and on the other hand thanks to the innovative character of the latter both in terms of design and of conception. To create equipment perfectly suited to the needs of its customers, Life Fitness relies on its expertise, but also on an in-depth study of products from other sectors to bring another added value to its equipment, particularly in terms of design. In addition, Life Fitness has a real internal laboratory combining the use of 3D printers and Cintiq interactive screens to allow designers to give free rein to their creativity while keeping a real practical approach thanks to, among other things, manufacturing life-size foam models to study the aesthetic rendering of each device.

Far from stopping there, the manufacturer has integrated biomechanical research into his laboratory allowing a fine analysis of body movements during exercises in order to best adapt the devices to them and allow real fluidity in their use. This research is based on kinematic tests, namely how the body sets in motion, pressure tests analyzing this on the soles of the feet and bicycle saddles, VO2 tests looking at the amount of oxygen linked to calories burned and electromyograms to assess muscular effort thanks to the electrical activity of the muscles.

Finally, Life Fitness obviously invests particularly in the durability of the equipment that it markets, this is evaluated thanks to robotic tests reproducing the effect of wear, thermal shock, vibration and maximum load tests. In addition, an essential element for fitness gym owners, Life Fitness equipment goes into an anechoic room to assess their emission of magnetic fields to ensure that no interference can occur with other equipment in the room.

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Beyond the high quality of the equipment offered by the Life Fitness brand, which is also ISO 9001 certified, the devices as well as the ranges are extremely diverse in order to adapt to everyone's needs and expectations.

Thus, on the cardio side, Life Fitness has developed several ranges: Discover SE, Engage, Inspire, Silver and Next generation. Each of these ranges has its aesthetic signature, but also its own technical characteristics, there are still the classics of this type of equipment such as treadmills and crosstrainers, with notable differences.

For example, the 95Ti treadmill in the Silver range offers an incline of up to 15 % and 28 different programs to allow a fairly complete workout suitable for both beginners and experienced runners wishing to prepare for a marathon. The 95T treadmill of the Engage range goes even further with a speed of up to 23 km/h, 41 programs and a very effective absorption system to reduce the effect of the impacts of running on the joints.

In terms of strength training, the brand is obviously not to be outdone with also ranges intended for both individuals and professionals: Signature, Optima, Pro 1 and Pro 2. Again, the devices available are as numerous as they are varied and can easily fully equip a gym to allow users to work in a comprehensive, but also targeted manner.

Among the most sought-after targeted exercises that frequently encourage people to go to a gym, we can obviously mention the abdominal muscles. Whether it is to draw your tablets or to get a flat stomach, the abdominals require specific training and the right device to do it. In this context, the Abdominal Crunch machine from the Signature range is particularly interesting with a dynamic and elegant design at the same time, but also a comfortable seat that the user can only appreciate. Another element often worked by men seeking to draw their silhouette, the pectorals.

The latter also require specific exercises to develop and build muscle, for this purpose the chest press of the Pro 2 range is an ideal device with a very sleek design to leave plenty of room for efficiency and performance and which will find very easily its place in a modern fitness center. Other devices are also available such as the leg press, the shoulder press or the seated Dips.