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If there is one brand that is particularly recognized and appreciated in the world of fitness and wellness, it is undoubtedly Technogym. Relying on a real research laboratory to develop its various ranges and devices, it offers users optimized equipment designed to be very resistant, but also ergonomic in order to ensure the greatest possible comfort with pleasant seats and a respect for natural body movements. This research put at the service of users allows the brand to position itself as one of the great leaders of the market, in particular with its range of Isotonic strength. The latter offers a wide variety of high performance devices, but also with a modern and elegant design.

16 strength machines set

Technogym - Isotonic

16 strength machines set Technogym

Listed price 53 470,80 € in.VAT

20 514 € in.VAT17 095 € ex.VAT

High perf leg press M460

Technogym - Isotonic

High perf leg press M460 Technogym

Listed price 6 168 € in.VAT

3 474 € in.VAT2 895 € ex.VAT

Horizontal/seated leg press M456

Technogym - Isotonic

Horizontal/seated leg press M456 Technogym

Listed price 5 448 € in.VAT

3 114 € in.VAT2 595 € ex.VAT

Leg press M428

Technogym - Isotonic

Leg press M428 Technogym

Listed price 4 198,80 € in.VAT

2 394 € in.VAT1 995 € ex.VAT

Multipower M053

Technogym - Isotonic

Multipower M053 Technogym

Listed price 4 752 € in.VAT

2 394 € in.VAT1 995 € ex.VAT

4 stack station M124

Technogym - Isotonic

4 stack station M124 Technogym

Listed price 4 746 € in.VAT

2 394 € in.VAT1 995 € ex.VAT

Cable crossover M418

Technogym - Isotonic

Cable crossover M418 Technogym

Listed price 5 130 € in.VAT

2 154 € in.VAT1 795 € ex.VAT

Easy power station M454

Technogym - Isotonic

Easy power station M454 Technogym

Listed price 3 912 € in.VAT

1 554 € in.VAT1 295 € ex.VAT

Adductor machine M411

Technogym - Isotonic

Adductor machine M411 Technogym

Listed price 2 904 € in.VAT

1 194 € in.VAT995 € ex.VAT

Vertical traction M449

Technogym - Isotonic

Vertical traction M449 Technogym

Listed price 3 408 € in.VAT

1 194 € in.VAT995 € ex.VAT

Pectoral machine M406

Technogym - Isotonic

Pectoral machine M406 Technogym

Listed price 2 964 € in.VAT

1 194 € in.VAT995 € ex.VAT

Arm curl M431

Technogym - Isotonic

Arm curl M431 Technogym

Listed price 3 840 € in.VAT

1 194 € in.VAT995 € ex.VAT

Isotonic: a sought-after range

Thanks to its many advantages, the Isotonic range from Technogym is acclaimed by professionals in the sector, but also by individuals wishing to equip themselves with quality devices. Indeed, the equipment in this range is particularly renowned for its endurance, the tests carried out by Technogym make it possible to simulate much greater wear in order to ensure the durability of the devices even in the event of intensive use as may be the case in sports centers. In addition, the design of the range is studied in order to produce sober and elegant equipment that can easily integrate all environments. The Isotonic range remains relatively expensive although this is amply justified by the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the machines and the technicality deployed. This therefore represents a significant investment in equipping it, especially when it comes to acquiring several machines. However, it is now possible to reduce the bill considerably by choosing refurbished devices. New machines are relatively expensive, but second-hand machines refurbished by a team of professionals provide quality equipment that is entirely comparable at a much lower price.

A complete range of strength

One of the highlights of Technogym’s Isotonic range is undoubtedly the wide variety of machines on offer. Indeed, the brand offers here a whole range of machines to meet all the needs of individuals, but also professionals who wish to equip their gym in a very complete and consistent manner. Thus, the lower part of the body can be trained using the leg press of the range which offers two possible positions: lying down or sitting. The use of such a machine not only ensures the safety of performing the exercises, but also a real comfort for the users when training the quadriceps and glutes, as well as adductors, hamstrings and calves. For professionals, the 4-station jungle is of considerable interest for the purpose of working the upper body. Indeed, this machine allows four users to work the biceps and triceps simultaneously and comfortably, while occupying a minimum of space. There are also many other machines for specifically working on certain muscle groups, among which we can cite for example the standing leg curl, abdominal crunch, pectoral fly, seated row, rotary torso, standing gluteus, etc. So many alternatives to equip any fitness center in a very complete way, to offer the best to its customers.