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Widely recognized worldwide and particularly in Europe where it is the great market leader, the Technogym brand no longer has to prove itself.

Its fitness equipment is suitable for both professionals and individuals thanks to the wide range it offers that can meet all needs. Renowned for the design, solidity and above all the quality of its weight and cardio machines, Technogym is one of the most sought-after brands in the world of fitness and has endeavored to offer machines in phase with the current era, namely interconnected to allow everyone to manage their sporting activity and their well-being easily on a daily basis.

Adjustable bench P020

Technogym - Isotonic

Adjustable bench P020 Technogym

Listed price 504 € in.VAT

354 € in.VAT295 € ex.VAT

Barbell rack A0000230

Technogym - Element+

Barbell rack A0000230 Technogym

Listed price 684 € in.VAT

378 € in.VAT315 € ex.VAT

Urethane dumbbell rack A0000421

Technogym - Element+

Urethane dumbbell rack A0000421 Technogym

Listed price 888 € in.VAT

462 € in.VAT385 € ex.VAT

Lower back bench P025

Technogym - Isotonic

Lower back bench P025 Technogym

Listed price 895,20 € in.VAT

510 € in.VAT425 € ex.VAT

Horizontal bench large grip P010

Technogym - Isotonic

Horizontal bench large grip P010 Technogym

Listed price 711,60 € in.VAT

510 € in.VAT425 € ex.VAT

Scott bench P017

Technogym - Isotonic

Scott bench P017 Technogym

Listed price 736,80 € in.VAT

522 € in.VAT435 € ex.VAT

Anatomical crunch bench P015

Technogym - Isotonic

Anatomical crunch bench P015 Technogym

Listed price 913,20 € in.VAT

522 € in.VAT435 € ex.VAT

Flat bench P814

Technogym - Selection

Flat bench P814 Technogym

Listed price 1 382,40 € in.VAT

582 € in.VAT485 € ex.VAT

Flat bench PG14

Technogym - Pure Strength

Flat bench PG14 Technogym

Listed price 948 € in.VAT

582 € in.VAT485 € ex.VAT

Rack A011

Technogym - Isotonic

Rack A011 Technogym

Listed price 960 € in.VAT

678 € in.VAT565 € ex.VAT

Adjustable bench P820

Technogym - Selection

Adjustable bench P820 Technogym

Listed price 1 611,60 € in.VAT

678 € in.VAT565 € ex.VAT

Adjustable bench PA04

Technogym - Element+

Adjustable bench PA04 Technogym

Listed price 1 350 € in.VAT

714 € in.VAT595 € ex.VAT

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If there is one element that is recognized by all professionals, it is without a doubt that sport is an essential component for well-being and health with an adapted lifestyle and a healthy diet. Indeed, practicing a regular sports activity is absolutely necessary to limit the cardiovascular risks, but also to avoid excessive weight gain and the appearance of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, etc. In addition, sport allows you to feel better in your body, regular training having the advantage of improving resistance to effort, but also the muscles and finally the silhouette from a purely aesthetic point of view. In order to obtain such results and to feel real health benefits, it is recommended to adapt your physical activity and do cardio, endurance, but also strength training. For targeted efforts, the ideal is undoubtedly to opt for fitness equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills or leg presses. It is now quite possible to choose to invest in this type of machine to have it at home in which case it is essential to be careful to choose material that will last over time, because it is often a question of important investments. Thus, the Technogym brand is ideally suited to this situation, by offering a wide range of devices of undeniable quality, but also practical and well designed. It is also possible to acquire Technogym brand machines on our site in refurbished versions, therefore in excellent condition, at a price much lower than those charged for first-hand products.

Technogym devices

If the Technogym brand is so successful, especially in sports and fitness centers, it is above all because of the very high quality and robustness of its products, which are more innovative with a genuine concern for the brand. always be at the forefront of technology. Most of the time, these are connected machines offering an improved user experience with multiple possibilities. Another element in favor of this European market leader: the great diversity of machine models it offers.

Indeed, the brand has declined many ranges to adapt to all the requests and expectations of fitness enthusiasts wishing to invest in a personal machine, but also professionals wanting to equip their gym.

So, to offer indoor running or to be able to do it at home, many treadmills exist at Technogym, the Run 600 treadmill for example from the XT Pro range is ideal for all types of training, but also to strengthen, gain endurance and burn calories. Its 6 programs as well as the incline from 0 to 15 % and its speed which can go up to 16 km/h make it a very versatile treadmill.

To go even faster, the Technogym treadmill in the Excite 500 range can also be an excellent choice thanks to its maximum speed of 20 km/h. In addition, it is a treadmill made of particularly robust materials made to resist wear. The Excite New range offers yet other benefits with the Jog Now Visioweb which has a touch screen and 28 programs, and which also offers reduced power consumption.

Other ranges and other products are also available in the cardio field such as elliptical trainers, which are particularly recommended for a complete workout. The Vario Unity for example from the Artis range can be extremely interesting for both professionals and individuals with its innovative AutoStart system and its 25 resistance levels.

In terms of strength training, there are also several ranges: Element, Selection, Isotonic and Pure Strength. All have their own characteristics, their design and indicate the level of sophistication of the machines in the range.

Among the products offered for sale, the Selection leg press is undoubtedly one of the musts for leg training thanks to the width of its platform and the simplicity of the multiple possible adjustments. We can complete this leg press with the Multipower Element which is perfect for working out the arms or the Easy Power station to build up the whole upper body.

Finally, the Group and Flexability ranges complement those previously mentioned with more specific products that professionals as well as individuals will appreciate their many qualities such as their robustness and their design.