Offering the best equipment on the market, refurbished, cheaper by half the original price, seems impossible. So what's the secret of Occasion-Fitness ?

It all starts with the selection of the greatest brands recognized for their equipment's quality, excellence and ergonomics. The selected devices are certainly second-hand but, for the most part, still available in manufacturers' catalogues.

Then comes the crucial stage of refurbishment and our secret lies in the know-how of our technicians : each machine is subject to a verification and renovation process with more than 20 checkpoints. A complete diagnosis is established and then the dismantling, replacement of the targeted parts, painting, reassembly and finally the final tests.

Our clients, fitness professionals, know that it takes many years to depreciate equipment and make their investment profitable. Experience has shown them that it is necessary to focus on big brands that are more reliable and require less maintenance than competing offers on the market.

That's why they turn to Occasion-Fitness for the purchase of their equipment: it looks in every way like brand new equipment bought at a high price that would only have a few weeks of use... But with an investment divided by 2.

The well-kept secret of fitness professionals is now at your fingertips. It's called Occasion-Fitness.

All your used strength training equipment refurbished

Those who practice sports regularly, indoors or at home, are well aware that a cheap strength machine is often of poor quality. On the other hand, investing in renowned strength equipment is not within the reach of all bank accounts. The solution lies in the refurbished : you have a high-end fitness equipment, at an ultra competitive price and with a guarantee of quality.

On the other hand, it should be known that a strength machine uses simple mechanics and, for professional brands, very solid construction materials, welded rather than screwed for more robustness. Suffice to say that these are machines that know only a cosmetic wear. They are made to last several lives.

We have at your disposal a wide selection of gym equipment as well as fitness equipment such as treadmills, steppers etc. All are rigorously tested, refurbished and guaranteed to give you the best sports experience at a lower cost.