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Developed with the collaboration of top athletes, recognized coaches and university research institutes, the Skill range improves performance thanks to an innovative method, which develops working capacity and strengthens skills in complete safety.

Curved treadmill SkillMill

Technogym - Skill

Curved treadmill SkillMill Technogym

Listed price 9 000 € in.VAT

5 994 € in.VAT4 995 € ex.VAT

Rower SkillRow

Technogym - Skill

Rower SkillRow Technogym

Listed price 3 490,80 € in.VAT

2 634 € in.VAT2 195 € ex.VAT

Skill is revolutionary innovation from Technogym

Several devices make up the range, notably the SkillMill, which is the first complete equipment to train at the same time power, speed, endurance and agility, but also the SkillRow, which is the first indoor rower capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular capacity in a single solution.