Pulldown 12620

Cybex - VR3

warranty 1 an Refurbished certified
In stock
Weight stack
111 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
171x125x197 cm
273 kg
Vertical traction 12620
Listed price
5 442 € in.VAT
1 794 in.VAT
1 495 € ex.VAT

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The Cybex VR3 pulldown is designed to provide a feeling of security for new and more experienced users, making it suitable for use in highly supervised gyms as well as self-service facilities. The machine allows both arms to work together in a fixed plane to give the user the feeling that the exercise is better controlled and therefore safer.

Our expert review on the pulldown VR3 from the brand Cybex

The diverging trajectory of movement mimics the natural movement of the human arms and provides constant torque to the shoulder for added safety. The thigh pads can be adjusted to accommodate users with different leg lengths. The two handles are angled to ensure a more neutral position of the wrist.

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