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Body Bike - Spinning

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Pro Soft
20 Kg
Synthetic Kevlar and emergency system
Complete ABS covers
Size (lxwxh)
105x60x100 cm
65 kg
Vélo de spinning Connect
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1 074 in.VAT
895 € ex.VAT

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With Body Bike Connect, indoor cycling takes you to the next level, allowing you to optimize your training, motivating you to reach your goal and reach your full potential. The Connect is a sophisticated power spinning bike with an integrated sensor that measures your performance.

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The Body Bike Performance console on the handlebars displays power in watts, cadence, heart rate, calorie expenditure and other data giving you immediate and valuable feedback on the intensity of your training effort. It also allows you to do a watt test and reveal your VO2 max. All data is transferred wirelessly, allowing you to retrieve it from other devices like a compatible smartphone.

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