15 strength machines set

Life Fitness - Signature

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Seated leg press
Weight: 368 Kg Size: 201x109x178 cm Stack: 195 Kg
Dual adjustable pulley
Weight: 575 Kg Size: 112x157x236 cm Stack: 2x195 Kg
Hip abduction
Weight: 252 Kg Size: 160x74x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Hip adduction
Weight: 252 Kg Size: 160x74x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Seated leg curl
Weight: 302 Kg Size: 157x107x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Chest press
Weight: 273 Kg Size: 145x132x180 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Row/rear delt
Weight: 264 Kg Size: 146x109x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Weight: 273 Kg Size: 183x91x163 cm Stack: 95 Kg
Weight: 293 Kg Size: 127x97x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Shoulder press
Weight: 227 Kg Size: 152x132x163 cm Stack: 95 Kg
Weight: 216 Kg Size: 132x119x163 cm Stack: 95 Kg
Weight: 259 Kg Size: 137x132x198 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Arm curl
Weight: 248 Kg Size: 92x152x163 cm Stack: 95 Kg
Low back extension
Weight: 270 Kg Size: 135x112x163 cm Stack: 145 Kg
Torso rotation
Weight: 236 Kg Size: 122x91x163 cm Stack: 95 Kg
4308 kg
Lot musculation 15 postes
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35 994 in.VAT
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Complete set to create a strength space including:

- 1 Seated leg press Signature

- 1 Dual adjustable pulley Signature

- 1 Hip abduction Signature

- 1 Hip adduction Signature

- 1 Seated leg curl Signature

- 1 Chest press Signature

- 1 Row/rear delt Signature

- 1 Glute Signature

- 1 Fly Signature

- 1 Shoulder press Signature

- 1 Abdominal Signature

- 1 Pulldown Signature

- 1 Arm curl Signature

- 1 Low back extension Signature

- 1 Torso rotation Signature

Our expert review on the strength set Signature from the brand Life Fitness

If the quality of Life Fitness equipment is no longer to prove, another positive point is still to raise: its great diversity. Indeed, with its Signature strength range, the brand sets a real demonstration of its expertise and has developed a large number of machines respecting the aesthetic line created for this range.

Accessories not included. Non-contractual image.

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