45° angled leg press

GymWorks - Keywest

warranty 2 ans
In stock
Maximum load
400 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
226x100x145 cm
197 kg
Presse à cuisses 45°
Brand-new device
2 394 in.VAT
1 995 € ex.VAT

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In its range of new Keywest machines, GymWorks offers a 45° leg press where the practitioner sits with the back tilted and the legs elevated to push a tray guided by rails. This weight machine is free-load, that is to say, we must add weight plates.

This GymWorks leg press provides a complete exercise for all lower body muscles. Indeed, the work of extension of the legs solicits all the muscles of the thigh: hamstrings and quadriceps, the extension of the hips operates the glutes and the extension of the feet solicits the calves.

Our expert review on the 45° angled leg press Keywest from the brand GymWorks

This Keywest weight training machine allows a simple exercise, easy especially for beginners who can train without having to worry about the subtleties of the technique of squats and with the risk of almost zero wounds.

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