Crosstrainer Crossover Visioweb

Technogym - Excite New

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LCD touchscreen 15"
Resistance levels
Number of programs
Heart sensors
Manual and bluetooth
Maximum user weight
180 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
163x76x170 cm
155 kg
Elliptique Crossover Visioweb
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The Crossover Technogym VisioWeb is different than a conventional crosstrainer which only allows for one type of movement. The biomechanics of the Crossover means extension, flexion, adbuction and rotation movements. Compared to the Vario where you are the one who varies the stride lengh, the Crossover movement is lateral and the extension is maximum on each fixed stride.

The footrests and levers on the Crossover Technogym move together as follows:

- Alternative: if you push with the right leg you have to pull the lever with your left arm and the other way around;

- Convergent for the arms: the levers follow a guided movement, converging and diverging (they don't move straight). You have to pull one while pushing the other;

- Lateral and in three dimensions for the legs: the legs make a lateral movement in 3 dimensions. During the workout they move backwards, to the side and rotate;

- Intuitive and soft: when you get to the movement limit, switching to the other direction is very easy because biomechanics of the footrests have been carefully studied.

Our expert review on the Crossover Excite+ VisioWeb from the brand Technogym

The Crossover Technogym VisioWeb is a standalone equipment in the fitness industry because, in a few minutes, it makes you workout intensively your whole body. By moving your arms and legs together in three dimensions you can burn up to 160 calories in only 20 minutes.

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