Double adjustable pulley

GymWorks - Keywest

warranty 2 ans
In stock
Weight stack
2x85 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
131x83x232 cm
351 kg
Poulie double ajustable
Brand-new device
2 514 in.VAT
2 095 € ex.VAT

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The GymWorks double adjustable pulley is a strength training device found in many gyms. It is a machine that includes 2 autonomous weight blocks, which can be adjusted independently of each other. The loads are fixed to 2 cables whose heights can be raised or lowered depending on the exercise to be performed. Of course, on each cable you can adapt different types of handles depending on the muscles to work.

Our expert review on the double adjustable pulley Keywest from the brand GymWorks

This machine from the Keywest collection offers greater freedom of movement than conventional weight machines. The system of cables and pulleys allows movements on several axis which will solicit the trunk muscles as well as the stabilizing muscles around the joints, which no fixed machine does.

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