Double MEGA rack MG-MR47 X2

Matrix - Magnum

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Weight: 347 Kg Size: 206x207x247 cm
Weight: 42.5 Kg Size: 244x81x8 cm
Weight: 44.5 Kg Size: 244x69x52 cm
Weight: 8 Kg Size: 66x21x13 cm
Weight: 5 Kg Size: 48x79x5 cm
Weight: 16 Kg Size: 47x18x34 cm
Weight: 4 Kg Size: 18x23x17 cm
Weight: 21.8 Kg Size: 18x110x33 cm
Weight: 15 Kg Size: 16x110x47 cm
Weight: 31 Kg Size: 38x82x30 cm
Size (lxwxh)
206x658x267 cm
947 kg
Rack MEGA double MG-MR47 X2
Listed price
19 194 € in.VAT
5 994 in.VAT
4 995 € ex.VAT

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Complete set for creating a double cage including:

- 2 racks MG-MR47

- 1 straight ladder OPT32-8

- 1 pyramid ladder OPT33-8

- 1 MEGA land mine attachment MOPT13

- 1 core handle OPT16

- 2 pairs of fat bar J-hooks OPT26

- 1 MEGA battle rope attachment MOPT31

- 2 MEGA dual olympic bar storage MOPT41

- 1 pair of MEGA rotating chin handles MOPT42

- 2 pairs of bolt-on Spotter stands OPT45

Our expert review on the double MEGA rack + options Magnum from the brand Matrix

The double MEGA rack gives you maximum workout. A combination of two racks and custom connection elements, the double MEGA rack allows you to tailor your equipment to your installation. This flexibility allows you to set your own priorities and get the most out of your investment for all types of training. The 7cm steel uprights and heavy frame of the MEGA double rack can accommodate the most demanding athletes and the most rigorous training sessions.

Plates and accessories not included. Non-contractual image.

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