Hip abduction/adduction 11181

Cybex - Eagle

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Weight stack
93 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
175x86x145 cm
320 kg
Abduction/adduction 11181
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The Cybex Eagle Hip Abduction / Adduction is a machine that does the job of two. The dual function design of abduction and adduction in one machine saves valuable floor space. The innovative angle of the adjustable back pad allows the hip to be fully extended. This means that users can focus on very specific muscle groups to train where they need it.

Our expert review on the hip abduction/adduction Eagle from the brand Cybex

The Cybex Eagle Hip Abduction Adduction features a backlash-free training system that provides immediate engagement and expands the range of motion as resistance begins at the start of the exercise. Users don't end up in a larger split and don't get half the movement until the weight is engaged. The Cybex Eagle hip abduction adduction matches the performance level of users, maintaining the integrity of force throughout the range of motion while taking into account their limitations and abilities.

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