Inclined T-bar row AP6112

Athletic Performance - Red Line

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T-bar row incliné AP6112
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Position is extremely important when using the Athletic Performance T-bar row. It is essential to keep the back straight during the exercise. If you allow it to get round, the forces acting on the bottom of the spine increase considerably and you may end up hurting yourself. Be careful not to let your shoulders collapse during exercise. Flex your arms and raise your elbows until they are at a 90° angle. Take a break at the top of the movement and slowly lower the bar down. Do not use momentum to make it easier.

Our expert review on the inclined T-bar row Red Line from the brand Athletic Performance

Anyone looking for a wide, V-shaped back will have to train at one time or another on the Athletic Performance T-bar row weight machine. Many avoid this exercise because they find it uncomfortable and ungrateful. But it will improve your posture and, unlike the same movement done with a free bar that requires stabilizing oneself back, the presence of the torso support on the T-bar row of the Red Line range will prevent back injuries. In addition, this weight machine solicits more than the back muscles because the lower body and many other muscles (arms, abs, etc ...) also work.

Available in silver or black. Plates not included. Non-contractual image.

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