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GymWorks - Manhattan

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100 Kg
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203x109x203 cm
338 kg
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When it comes to building up the muscles in our legs, the GymWorks Manhattan leg press machine is without doubt, one of the best and most beneficial pieces of equipment you could ever hope for. Some people however, are put off from the leg press machine, due to the fact that it can appear slightly complex and difficult to operate. Truth be told, once you know what you’re doing, the leg press machine is one of the safest and most beneficial leg machines you could wish for.

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Start off by sitting on the machine with your back pressed firmly against the support. Your feet should be placed flat on the foot plate, slightly wider than hip width apart. Your legs should form roughly an angle of 90 degrees from the knee. Grab firmly onto the assist handles located at the side of the machine and push with your feet by extending the knees and hips. Never quite fully lock the knees out, but make sure to get good range of motion.

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