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Combined exercises are the most effective way to train at the lower body level. These are exercises that involve several muscle groups or joints at the same time. The GymWorks Keywest series leg press will work the lower body as a whole, ie the glutes, thighs and legs.

The glutes are composed of muscles that attach to the hip joint while the thighs are formed of several muscles that go from the hip to the knees. Finally the legs consist mainly of two muscles related to the joints of the knees and ankles.

Our expert review on the leg press Keywest from the brand GymWorks

Although not as technically complicated as squats, using the GymWorks Keywest series leg press still requires some care: push the platform with your feet flat; bring your legs back to you while maintaining constant quadriceps contraction; if your knees begin to flex you can spread them slightly; try different foot positions to find the one that suits you; firmly grasp the handles on the sides of the seat and focus on keeping your back steady; stop every movement just before the knees lock.

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