Leg press MED C994

Technogym - Selection

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Weight stack
145 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
208x123x181 cm
582 kg
Presse à cuisses MED C994
Listed price
9 598,80 € in.VAT
5 958 in.VAT
4 965 € ex.VAT

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This Technogym Selection strength machine is specific for training the legs. The device allows to carry out many exercises for the lower body (quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, soleus). The angle of the backrest reproduces the squat position to minimize the load on the spine. The seat adjustments are simple because they are assisted by a gas spring. The wide platform offers a wide range of exercise positions. The angle between the platform and the rails guarantees the work of the extensor muscles during exercise. The shock absorbers mounted on the rails reduce the stress on the joints during the exercises.

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Simply sit on the seat that allows optimal support of the back joints, thereby avoiding muscle stress, and support the legs on the mobile platform. The positioning of the feet and the magnitude of the pushing movement make it possible to work several muscles at a different intensity.

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