Lower back MB450

Technogym - Element New

warranty 1 an Refurbished certified
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Weight stack
70 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
120x95x142 cm
200 kg
Lombaire MB450
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4 248 € in.VAT
1 914 in.VAT
1 595 € ex.VAT

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The Technogym Element lower back strength machine is ideal for working the lower back muscles. These muscles are indeed very important for your health and general well-being, yet it is a part of the body that is often neglected. Having a balanced physique requires to solicit the lumbar as much as the abdominals. This will help you improve your strength and stature, but also prevent back pain and make easier simple movements in everyday life such as sitting and standing up.

Our expert review on the lower back Element+ from the brand Technogym

The Technogym Element lower back weight training device allows you to focus on the middle and lower back muscles efficiently, safely and comfortably thanks to an ergonomic design. Moreover, this machine offers some practical features such as double footrests or the physiocam system that provides uniform resistance during the exercise (that is to say that the difficulty felt remains strictly the same throughout the movement).

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