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Technogym - Easy Line

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Complete set to create a circuit including:

- 1 Biceps/triceps Easy Line

- 1 Chest/back Easy Line

- 1 Pectoral fly Easy Line

- 1 Squat Easy Line

- 1 Adductor/abductor Easy Line

- 1 Shoulder press/lat pull Easy Line

- 1 Leg curl/leg extension Easy Line

- 1 Leg press Easy Line

- 1 Abdominal/lower back Easy Line

Our expert review on the set of 9 machines Easy Line from the brand Technogym

All Easy Line hydraulic pistons pass stress and durability tests that exceed a million cycles (automotive tests require only 500,000 cycles). This makes Easy Line extremely durable.

The pads and rollers are designed to adapt to different shapes and sizes of users. Their V-shape provides additional support and keeps limbs in place during exercise so users maintain proper shape and constant contact with equipment.

Wide seats fit different body sizes and types. And the shape of the seat is inspired by automotive design - ensuring stability and comfort during training.

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