Shoulder press MB150

Technogym - Element New

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Weight stack
80 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
144x87x142 cm
190 kg
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The Technogym Element series shoulder press is a simple but effective guided strength machine for specific training of the shoulder muscles. It helps to correct muscle imbalance between the arms and the bust while ensuring the stability of the shoulder joint during exercise.

Our expert review on the shoulder press Element+ from the brand Technogym

This Technogym strength machine is equipped with Biomotion, a program that replicates the body's natural movement according to the selected exercise. The resistance remains stable and allows exceptionally smooth movements. The converging arc of the trajectory offers a sensation similar to a training with dumbbells. The counterweight on each arm reduces resistance when starting the exercise and minimizes the impact of the joints. Two handle positions are provided to vary the exercise, while the ergonomic seat and backrest helps the user maintain a correct position during training and support their spine. Finally, a compact design and simple configuration makes it easy to use and adjust, even for beginners.

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