Standing gluteus M430

Technogym - Isotonic

warranty 1 an Refurbished certified
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Weight stack
100 Kg
Size (lxwxh)
134x104x175 cm
224 kg
Fessier debout M430
Listed price
3 108 € in.VAT
1 230 in.VAT
1 025 € ex.VAT

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With this weight system, the exercise is to wedge one leg on the mobile lever with the pad and then bring the leg to the hip. The muscles worked on this Technogym machine are the glutes and the hamstrings.

Our expert review on the standing gluteus Isotonic from the brand Technogym

It should be noted that the use of this machine Isotonic range does not allow very strong stimulation of the glutes, so it is best to place this exercise at the end of your leg session. On the other hand, this weight training device guides the resistance of the load in an ideal direction.

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