Stepper S9500HR

Life Fitness - Next Generation

warranty 1 an Refurbished certified
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Resistance levels
Number of programs
Size (lxwxh)
107x85x161 cm
96 kg
Stepper S9500HR
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4 740 € in.VAT
1 194 in.VAT
995 € ex.VAT

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The Life Fitness 9500HR stepper can dramatically improve your performance. The flexible and independent movement will work every leg - and glutes - optimally. It must be said that Life Fitness has particularly cared for the ergonomics of this machine so that the user finds himself in a completely natural posture, as if he climbed the steps of a staircase.

Our expert review on the stepper S9500HR Next Generation from the brand Life Fitness

When Life Fitness released this machine it instantly became one of the brand's bestsellers and made this kind of exercise extremely popular in both clubs and homes.

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